Wada FoodTech’s hot-chain total solution is a game-changer for our restaurant partners, offering an opportunity to expand sales channels and provide customers with hot and fresh bentos. By incorporating advanced AIoT technology, we prioritize food quality and safety, ensuring a remarkable dining experience for both partners and customers.

Our solution maintains food temperature consistently above 60 degrees throughout the entire logistics chain, from our restaurant partners’ kitchens to the end users’ pickup. This eliminates risk of bacterial growth and guarantees that customers can savour their meals as if they were just cooked. But how do we achieve this?

Firstly, our solution boasts patented hot-chain bento machines (PSE and IEC certified) strategically placed at convenient locations. These automated machines maintain the food’s temperature, allowing customers to effortlessly pick up their hot and fresh bentos in just 17 seconds. This seamless and efficient experience enhances customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Secondly, our IoT-connected logistics continuously upload temperature and GPS data to the cloud. This real-time monitoring and control of the food’s temperature ensure optimal conditions throughout the entire logistics chain. Our partners can rest assured that their food remains at the desired temperature, maintaining its quality and safety.

Lastly, our AIoT backend empowers our restaurant partners with comprehensive monitoring capabilities. They gain full visibility and control over the entire logistics process, enabling efficient management and informed decision-making. Access to sales records further enhances their ability to optimize operations and drive business growth.

By leveraging AIoT technology, Wada FoodTech’s hot-chain total solution revolutionizes the way food is delivered and enjoyed. It guarantees food safety, convenience, and opens up new sales channels for our restaurant partners. Join us in providing an exceptional dining experience that delights customers and propels business success.



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