Wada Bento bring kitchens to consumers’ doorsteps by patented bento machine HaaS.

Wada Bento is a Restaurant Expansion Platform powered by patented Hot-chain Bento Machine technology. We enable restaurants to expand distribution channels extensively and cost-effectively using our Bento Machine HaaS (Hardware-as-a-Service). For end users, who are typically busy office workers, they can enjoy hot and fresh gourmet bentos in just 17 seconds through our machines. The technology has been verified by our 160,000 bentos sold and has been deployed for Hong Kong’s top QSR (Quick Service Restaurant) chain.

The hygiene and reliability of Wada Bento machine technology have been recognized by Hong Kong Food and Environment Hygiene Department, who granted Wada Bento the first-ever license in this area.

Wada Bento is recognized as Forbes Asia 100 to Watch, Japan Innovation Leaders Summit T-100 Top Company, HKTDC Startup-express Winning Startup, and winner of Best Retail Innovation (F&B Application) Grand Award.



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